Did you know that for $35 you can purchase a True Brew Home Brewing Beer Kit at Madden Beverage that will yield  approximately 60  12 oz botttles of beer?

Two weeks ago, I brewed my first batch of beer at home in my kitchen.   I purchased one of the $79.99 True Brew Basic Beer Equipment Kits at Madden Beverage   The Equipment contained in the kit includes a reuseable fermentation bucket,  a reuseable bottling bucket with a spigot, a reuseable thermometer, a bottle capper and caps and detailed instructions….. all I had to do was scrounge up a large metal pot ( I used my lobster pot) and a long handled spoon.  I also purchased a True Brew Home Brewing Ingredient Kit for $34.99, which contained all of the ingredients I needed to make 5 gallons of beer. I even had my choice of flavors:  brown ale, double IPA, Irish Stout, Pale Ale, etc.  I chose a brown ale.

I found the directions easy to follow ( I tend to be extremely bad with directions),  I added the ingredients  in the order it told me to, beginning with the Munton’s liquid malt, and stirred and cooked the brew until it reached the correct temperature.  Then I cooled it (again using the thermometer) and finally poured the entire contents into the fermentation bucket.  I then let the bucket of brew  sit and ferment for 2 weeks.  When the fermentation was complete, the directions told me to add the priming sugar (this adds the carbonation) and then  poured the brew into the bottling bucket, filled the individual beer bottles (I had a collection of these saved, washed and ready to go) ,  and used the  bottle capping device and caps to seal each bottle.  Voila! I  now have 60  12 oz bottles of brown ale  to share with friends at my next cookout!

So, now that I have made the initial $79,99 investment to get the reuseable True Brew Beer Equipment Kit, I can purchase  additional True Brew Home Brewing Ingredient Kits at $34.99 (includes all the malt and malt extract, hops, yeast, etc) to make 60 12oz bottles of beer, Enjoy!