Keg Orders

Keg Orders

Please callĀ 282-8720 to place your keg order with one of our Madden Beverage employees

To ensure freshness, all kegs require advance order. Kegs listed are based on assumed availability by our distributors and may not be accessible at the time of request. All kegs require a 2 business day (Mon-Fri) advance order. No orders are accepted via email, voicemail, or any method other than over the phone with an employee. We do not require advance payment for kegs, but should you delay in picking it up, it may no longer be available for you. We reserve the right to return or sell any ordered kegs that are not promptly picked up. We will make a fair effort to contact you by phone promptly after your order has been received into our store. In some circumstances this contact may be made via voicemail or messages left with third parties answering the phone number provided to us. Madden Beverage is not responsible for keg forfeiture due to the message not being received or your procrastination.

Keg Sizes

The most common keg sizes are 1/2BBL and 1/6BBL. Some macro-breweries (Budweiser, Coors, etc.) still offer 1/4BBL kegs, but the 1/4BBL size is becoming less popular. Please call us for the size availability of the beer you are interested in.
Keg Sizes

Keg Size
12oz. Servings
1/2 Keg
1/4 Keg
1/6 Keg

Keg Items

Madden Beverage has access to over 1,000 kegs. Prices fluctuate monthly, so they are not listed on our keg list. Please call for a quote (quotes are not binding). The general rule of thumb is if you have had a beer on draft in the state of Maine (recently), we can provide the keg for you. The keg list we have put together is an outline of our most keg popular orders and does not disclose the full range of availability. Please note that some kegs require longer lead times, have limited availability, or are seasonal releases. We cannot guarantee kegs will be available at the distributor level. Should yours be unavailable, we will attempt to immediately contact you for an alternate choice. Please make an attempt to answer our calls so we can quickly fill your alternate order. Any hesitation in your response may result in us not being able to fill your order by the time you need your keg.

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Keg Cost

The cost of a keg highly depends on the keg’s contents and size. Most 1/6BBL kegs start at around $70, and can range to over $250 (in extreme cases), depending on the beer. For most microbrewed craft beers, 1/6BBL kegs start around $120 and 1/2BBL start around $180. In addition to the keg cost, a keg deposit ($30) is required, but is refundable upon return of the keg.

Keg Taps

To access the beer in the keg, you’ll need a tap. If needed, keg taps will be provided with your order of a keg. The tap Deposit is $40, which you will get back with the return of the keg. Our priority is to provide taps for our keg customers only. To ensure all of our keg customers receive a proper tap, Madden Beverage does not rent taps unless the tap is leaving the building with an assigned keg. If you require a tap rental, be sure to request it while placing your keg order.

Keg Pickup

Expect a call from us when your keg has arrived and is available for your pickup. Please coordinate a pickup time with us during this phone call. Anyone other than the individual who placed the order can make the pickup for you. Please attempt to contact us if you are not picking up a keg personally. The individual picking up the keg will be taking responsibility for its use and return. Beer is a controlled alcoholic beverage. Both the purchaser and any person picking it up must present valid ID to our staff, regardless of age. This is the law. We do not take credit cards over the phone, but should you choose to pay in our store in advance of your kegs arrival, please be aware that the ordered item may not be available and there may be a balance/credit due when your alternate choice is picked up. Valid identification must be presented by the payer at the time of pre-payment, as well as by the individual picking up the keg, regardless of whether or not the keg is paid for.

The Maine State Department of Public Safety requires us to complete a keg registration, on which the purchaser must provide their name, address, DOB and license number. The address on the ID of the individual picking up the keg is the assumed location of the kegs storage. Providing this ID assumes you accept responsibility, its storage, and the supervision of individuals consuming its contents. If the keg is being stored and/or tapped at a location other than that listed on the ID, you are required to provide that address. Each keg has an identification tag that must remain on the keg at all times and must not be altered or destroyed, by law.

Keg Returns

Kegs purchased at Madden Beverage can be exchanged for the $30.00 charged deposit. This return will be delivered in cash. We cannot put the deposit back onto a credit or debit card. If you are picking up a new keg, we will happily apply the exchange deposit to your new keg purchase. We do not offer a cash refund for empty kegs obtained from other businesses. Again, keg has an identification tag that must remain on the keg at all times and must not be altered or destroyed. Any tampering with this identification tag may result in a loss of your right to return the keg for deposit. We must be able to identify that you purchased your keg from our store in order to release your keg deposit. There is no refund for unconsumed beer in your returned keg.

Please call 282-8720 to place your keg order with one of our Madden Beverage employees.